Filip Rojík

Filip Rojík

Filip Rojík (1992) studied photography and editing at Academy of Performing Arts in Prague.

This No Man's Land of Mine (2016) poster

This No Man's Land of Mine (2016)

Short documentary
Directed by Filip Rojík & Petr Salaba

In the spring of 2015, a Czech politician, entrepreneur and an anarcho-capitalist Vit Jedlicka declared his own state, The Free Republic of Liberland, on the coast of the Danube river. The film follows the self-proclaimed president as he tries to conquer the newly claimed swamp and turn it into a new Hong Kong where everyone is free to register their offshore company.

37 min – Made in the 2nd Year BA film Workshop
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The people who don't know what silence sounds like.
3 min – personal project

"Marie thought for herself: He must be there..."
1 min - Made in the 1st Year BA film Workshop